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Solid soap

Soap, an iconic Cavaillès product and a timeless hygiene aid that’s also good for your skin.

Our surgras soaps

A range of fragrances and textures to please fans of solid soap.

Relaxing Cream Soap
Nourishing Cream Soap
Velvety Oil Soap
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Milk and Honey
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Rose Milk
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Cotton Flower
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Original
Extra-Mild Surgras Soap – Green Almond


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Solid Soap: what is soap?

Soap results from the action of a strong base on fatty substances, a reaction called saponification.

Cavaillès extra-mild Surgras solid soaps, unique superfatted soaps

Rogé Cavaillès solid soaps can be used on the face and body. They maintain skin integrity, and soften and moisturize the skin. Their 100% natural cleansing base contains a Surgras agent and leaves a protective film. They are available in a choice of fragrances so you can enjoy soaping yourself without irritating your skin.

A Surgras soap is a soap enriched with superfatted nutrients (oils, shea butter, etc). It moisturizes and softens the skin. These soaps are ideally suited to sensitive skin.

Skincare soaps, from irresistible products to unique galenics and fragrances.

Rogé Cavaillès has a range of solid soaps that are an irresistible pleasure. The new Rogé Cavaillès Surgras soaps, fully visible beneath their transparent wrappers, promise you a few moments of enjoyment and relaxation! Soap fans will love their nourishing ingredients and plant-derived base. They “curl up” in the palm of the hand to leave skin soft and supple. They are available in two versions: oil and cream. The oil soap offers an unforgettable sensory experience in the shower. Its amber color is all the more lovely for being transparent. Cream soap, on the other hand, offers the richness of a cream in a solid soap. Its foam generously coats the skin and its ultra-nourishing shea butter leaves it very soft. You can look forward to some cocooning sessions in the shower or bath with these Surgras soaps.